Six texts to help you think about climate ethics

Climate Justice: An Introduction
Dominic Roser and Christian Seidel
Comment: Helps the reader make sense of the moral questions around climate change by clearly explaining the different theories and principles we have available to us.

Climate Matters
John Broome
Comment: Multidisciplinary approach to explaining the challenge of climate change.

Debating Climate Ethics:
Stephen Gardiner & (v) David Weisbach
Comment: When thinking about climate change what is the scope for ethics? Gardiner argues in favour of ethics having a big role to play, whilst Weisbach argues that ethics makes responding to climate change unnecessarily tricky.

Governing Climate Change
Harriet Bulkeley and Peter Newell
Comment: Makes sense of climate governance and shows that such governance exists in many places, not just the international level. Helpful for thinking about how we can respond to climate change.

Reason in a Dark Time
Dale Jamieson
Comment: Accounts for how we ended up in the climate crisis, considering many factors including the roles of science, economics, politics and ethics.

The Moral Challenge of Dangerous Climate Change: Values Poverty, and Policy
Darrel Moellendorf
Comment: Highlights the problems which climate change creates and shows the role that normative theory has in addressing these problems.

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