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Welcome to Climate Ethics, the purpose of this site is to make ideas from climate ethics accessible. The site has a series of tools to do this. There is a blog, which communicates ideas from climate ethics, the site also has a climate ethics library, which will provide a list of noteworthy material in areas of climate ethics, to enable further exploration.

Yesterday the #EnvironmentBill had its second report stage in the #HOL

The amendments mostly cover the following issues: legally binding targets, removing exceptions, the #OEP,
OEP= Office of Environmental Protection

This thread outlines the amendments which were successful…

Yesterday 4 new amendments were added to the #EnvironmentBill.

These amendments cover the issues of the #biodiversityemergency, #soilhealth, #airpollution and halting #speciesdecline

Below is a thread on the amendments which were successful 1/n

The #EnvironmentBill enters the @UKHouseofLords for the report stage today.

It provides the structure for the UK’s post-brexit environmental policy/ governance.

Given #COP26, the strength of the bill is important to show that the UK does take environmental issues seriously

The #IPCCReport report has published a stark report today on the physical science basis of the #ClimateEmergency. This thread🧵considers some of the implications of this report for climate *politics*

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